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Filing a bug report for the CLI

Before reporting a bug report please follow these steps:

Update to the latest CLI version

$ pip install -U gencove

You might be using an out of date CLI version, we recommend installing the latest one and trying again to see if the problem was fixed.

Additionaly you can download the latest version as a binary executable to avoid problems while using pip.

Check network connection

$ ping

Your organization firewall rules might be blocking traffic to Gencove Servers. If you're not able to reach us, add a new rule to allow traffic to and then try again.

Gather information for bug report


CLI dumps a debug log file when encounters an error.

Once you completed the above steps, rerun the command(s) you're having trouble.

Save and attach the debug log file to the bug report (the file path will be in the terminal's output).

Optionally include the following information:

  • Gencove CLI version
  • Python version
  • Operating system version
  • Hardware info
    • CPU, Ram, Disks (Total/Free/Used)

Contact Support

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