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Gencove has partnered with Stripe to provide our customers with a billing system. With each sample analyzed, the usage is reported to Stripe and at the end of every month customers receive an invoice per project. If not set differently, the invoice is sent to the email of the first registered owner of the organization.

Billing portal

The Owner of the organization can view the billing portal by navigating to the Organization, then to the Billing tab. There's a button that opens Stripe's Billing portal.

All users with the role of Owner can see the Billing portal, but the email that will receive the invoice is only the first registered Owner in the organization.

There are two main sections on the billing portal:

  1. Current plans are all the active plans per project in the Gencove system. There's one additional plan for the organization in global that is never invoiced and acts as a blueprint for all the other plans. Data such as the products and prices are inherited from that plan whenever a new project is created.

At the moment there's no way to differentiate the plans until Stripe enables displaying additional information.

  1. Billing information is the section where the user with the role Owner in the organization can change their information regarding the invoices. The fields that can be changed are:
    1. E-mail (where the invoice will be sent)
    2. Address
    3. Phone number
    4. Tax ID