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Backwards-compatible array deliverables

Backwards-compatible array deliverables

Backwards-compatible genotyping array deliverables can be generated for batches of samples in projects that support this functionality. Each project configuration can support multiple batch types that correspond to different array types.

More information about these deliverables is available in this blog post

Listing batch types

Available batch types for a project can be listed using the gencove projects list-batch-types command.

$ gencove projects list-batch-types <project-id>

Creating a batch

A new batch can be created using the gencove projects create-batch command.

$ gencove projects create-batch --batch-type illuminasnp50 --batch-name batch-001 --sample-ids sample-id-1,...,sample-id-N <project-id>

Omitting--sample-ids results in all samples belonging to the project being used for the batch.

$ gencove projects create-batch --batch-type illuminasnp50 --batch-name batch-001 <project-id>

Successful generation of a batch deliverable will also trigger a webhook associated with the project.

Listing project batches

Project batches can be listed using the gencove projects list-batches command.

$ gencove projects list-batches <project-id>

Downloading batch deliverable

Once the batch deliverable is generated, it is available for download using the gencove projects get-batch command.

$ gencove projects get-batch my-batch-id --output-filename